My personal seven steps to be a succesfull cam model

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By SweetRoxxy

I am not going to bother you with my life story, what I just want to make you realize that all of you can start being successful as a Stripchat Model. Success is just a state of mind. I remember how I used to be, just a girl willing to try what in the first place I was finding immoral. If you are like I used to be, we have some work to do. Well let’s start at the beginning, you are new, just made an account on the website that you heard is very good, has high traffic and potential good tippers. You also read all the possible advices, however nothing realistic, just the basic things that do not help you too much. You’ve also seen the best girls from every website, followed them, tried to behave like them and you realized that their tricks simply do not work for you. End of story, you did not earn as much as you wanted to earn, you got disappointed and that stupid thought came to your mind that you are not as good as those models are, and this job is not for you. My dear, you are so special, and the sad thing is that you have no idea about this, but you are about to find out.

Step One

Stop comparing yourself with all the other webcam models. This is not healthy, we all have different type of body, different type of personality and different ways of running a show. Of course it is very good to check what experienced girls have to offer but you need to understand that you are not experienced yet, and this may scare you away. Research is always good as long as you are perfectly aware that you have something other girls do not. When you start this job all you need is patience. I’ve seen millions of girls just taking everything for granted, do not do this. No matter how rude a user is, he / she is still a human being, not just a walking pocket. If you do not like someone’s presence, just ban or block him.

Step Two

When you start broadcasting, you might consider one thing. You are the product that you are selling. I know this sounds bad, but this is the truth. I am not talking now about the fact that you need to be on a permanent diet and look skinny in order to be successful. NO! What I am saying is that make-up, getting your nails done, wearing an outfit that makes you feel good, position the webcam properly, all this may result in a confidence that will be shown while you broadcast. Confidence always pays back.

Step Three

Now that you’ve done your makeup, you arranged the webcam the way you like, and now that you feel pretty let’s start working. We are new, and we wait for miracles to happen. Stop there! Miracles do not exist and on your first day on a website, the possibility for you to find your prince is very low. Why? Well, I do not want to sound cruel, but most of the users that will enter in your room, are experienced users, that know what a new model can do, and how to control you. What do we do in this situation? Well, our personality has to save us. Start making jokes, show them how smart you are, before they label you as the new stupid girl. Your English may be the worst, but for God’s sake, just talk, do not type. Google translate will make you look less stupid if you just read it out loud.

Step Four

Choose an interesting topic. Aren’t we all tired of the eternal topic that the new cam girls are choosing? “ Hello guys, I am new here….”. They know that you are new there, they can see the label where is clearly saying New Model on most of the websites. That topic with “I am new” is so old and boring and it really never worked out for anybody. This only proves that you lack imagination. I deeply recommend topics that have prices, for example “ flash 69 tokens, topless 169, naked 669, pussy fingering 1669”. Why are these topics my favorites? Because you do not have to negotiate the prices with users (unless you want of course, even though I do not recommend because you will look cheap). Also, now that we are friends, let me tell you a small trick- always choose a favorite number, you have no idea how lucky that number will turn out to be ( mine was and will always be 7).

Step Five

This is something that nobody really wants to understand. The first week on a website is the most important one. Is the week when you either start building your fan base, either bury yourself with “Tip me bby”. What you do not know is that every single website has a rating system, mostly based on the report between time and money. The less time you spend making more money the higher the rating is going to be. Most of the models broadcast like 2 times in this week because in their head they have time to catch up. Wrong! Unless you are making new accounts all the time, you do not have time to catch up. In that first week you get promoted by the website, is your chance to actually prove that even though you are new, you are also special. That first week you will work every day, because that is your chance. DO NOT GET DISAPPOINTED!

Step Six

Even though some users do not tip you when they first visit you, this does not mean that they are not going to do this in the future. Be patient, because a particular user will start to reward you when they feel the human inside of you. Do you really want to be considered a sex toy by all your viewers? No! What you want is to start making friends. How are you making friends in real life? By being kind, by listening, by having fun together. This is how you build your fan base. I can’t even call them fans because they’ve been by my side so long that they are my friends by now.

Step Seven

After you get away from the “Horror Week” like I like to call it, just make sure to always find something interesting. I will give you topic ideas in my next article so stay tuned! This job will either empower you or make you feel horrible about yourself. Just remember that the decision belongs to you. Do not let anybody make you feel bad about yourself. Show them all what you have to offer, pussy is what they all have and dildos, but a nice personality is very rare to have and this is what will make you special among other models.