Stripchat Polls Fans on President Trump’s Favorite Type of Cam Girl

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Trump Poll on Stripchat Instagram
Porn/Stripchat vs. Twitter
Amercian vs. European
Booty vs. Boobs is posing a very timely question, in light of President Trump’s alleged dalliance with a buxom porn star, who would be the "Donald’s" dream cam girl?

The live cam striptease site polled its social media fans - 10,000 from Instagram ( and 29,000 from Twitter ( - to ask What’s Trump’s Type of Cam Girl? with split results across the board. fans made it clear that when it comes to the President’s preferences, Trump definitely has a type, choosing a blonde (66%) European (57%) cam girl with a killer booty (51%).

“Donald Trump is everyone’s favorite media topic, and - for better or worse - people cannot stop talking about him,” said Jim Austin, Stripchat’s Head of Business Development. “Our fans on social media are very vocal about, well, everything, and we love them for it, and they came out in droves to vote in a poll pertaining to Trump - and cam girls!”

Referring to Trump’s fixation with Twitter, Stripchat just had to ask - what’s the President’s favorite thing, Twitter or Porn/Stripchat? 83% of fans surveyed voted for the obvious choice. “What's Trump's favorite thing? Porn and Stripchat, of course!” said Austin. “The man loves his Twitter account, but we believe he loves beautiful women more - and I think we can all agree on that.”

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