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Basic Questions

How can I sign up as a model?

Become a Model

In order to register as a Model, please use this link:

User accounts can not be upgraded to model accounts.

Who can be a webcam model on

We accept 18+ years old females, males, couples, and transgenders.

Does this cost money?

Membership is FREE, whether you are a model or a viewer. Signing up is fast and FREE!

How can I earn money on

There are several ways to earn money:

  1. Get tips for your shows.
    User tipping

    Members are allowed to send tokens as tips during public shows. They tip the models as a sign of appreciation for them sharing their shows and for answering requests. Users are not required to give a models tips.
  2. Earn from private shows.
    Invitation for Private

    A private show costs 24 tokens ($1.2) per minute by default. However, this price can be changed at (from 16 to 90 tokens per minute). A viewer can request a private show from any model, but it is up to the models to decide who they will go into a private room with. In the private room, the model does a special show for ONLY ONE viewer. The private show can be ended at any time, by any of the two parties, or automatically when the viewer runs out of tokens.
  3. Earn from peeping members.
    All models have the ability to earn from peeping members in private shows. This function allows other members to spy on a private show by paying a default price of 8 tokens ($0.4) for a minute of peeping. This price can be changed at Peeping members are not allowed to write comments or demand shows. They can watch as long as they have tokens available. Once they run out of tokens, they will not be able to watch until they buy more. Peeping is less expensive for the members, but models who allow peeping are listed on one of the pages in the top menu: Each peeping member pays less, but you can have more members peeping at the same time.
  4. Earn from Cam2Cam.
    Invitation for Cam2Cam

    Cam2Cam is a one-on-one cam show, where a model and a member can see each other. It costs 32 tokens ($1.6) per minute by default. However, this price can be changed at Any viewer with tokens can request a Cam2Cam show from a model, but it is up to the models to decide who they will go into a private room with. Cam2Cam has proven to be an excellent choice for both new and experienced models, because of its individual approach and good earning potential.
  5. You can earn money winning bonus cash.
    Bonus cash

    All models have the chance to win bonus cash every 3 hours! Up to 8 times a day you can win for having the largest amount of tokens earned. You can check actual details of the contest here ( There is also a monthly contest with much higher awards of up to $2000.
  6. Sell your content.
    Paid Album Feature

    Earn more money and generate passive income by creating albums and selling them to your viewers. Whether you're online or offline, users can buy your albums - this is an extra way to make more cash. You can charge anywhere from 1 token to 999 tokens for each album. Create as many albums as you want with different names and price them as you wish!

What does it mean to be a webcam model on

Webcam modeling on Stripchat means chatting in a webcam chat with users and earning money. You can check our live chats and see how other models work:

Do I have to follow a schedule?

You can work whenever you want, you are your own boss! No schedules, no minimum hours.

Can I use Skype or other 3rd Party Software to communicate with Members?

No. Pulling users off of the site and inviting them anywhere else is strictly prohibited. These kinds of agreements are extremely risky and we DO NOT take any responsibility for any actions that happen off of our site. Models engaged in this kind of behavior will be banned from the site immediately and without warning. This is done to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the users.

Can I make an arrangement with a member to be paid in anything other than tokens?

No. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any kind of payment form other than tokens. We DO NOT take any responsibility for any payments such as Western Union, PayPal or any other form of payment. Models requesting these kinds of payments or engaged in this kind of behavior will be banned from the site immediately and without warning. This is done to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the users.

How can I protect myself from unwanted recordings?

We recommend that all models register with DMCA for their protection.


Why do I hear different sounds when I receive a Tip (help configuring ohmibod)?

Each amount of Tips have different sounds associated with:

You can also use these sounds to configure ohmibod.

How to set up my Lovense device?

Can I block certain countries from viewing my show?

Banned Countries

Yes, you can block countries here. Go to your Settings and Privacy menu and look for Banned Countries. We cannot be assured that users using a VPN will not be able to view your content.

How can I ban unwanted users?

Next to a viewer’s comment is the Ban icon.jpg option to ban them. When you click it, a box will appear with a question to confirm the action. Double check the viewer’s name to make sure you are banning the right viewer and then click OK. If you ever want to un-ban a viewer that you banned by mistake, the option is in Banned Users. By default, Guest users are not allowed to make comments or chat in the model's room. You can adjust your default chat settings at

How can I unban a User I banned by mistake?

How to unban a banned User

Go to your Banned Users list and click on the small pencil icon, then on the small x button on the desired user and click on Save.


Can I receive my payments via Payoneer, Paypal or Western Union?

No, we don't pay via Paypal and Western Union, but you can use Payoneer or Paxum ( for immediate payments.

How can I change my payment settings?

Payment Settings

You can change your payment settings at, check Payment settings. Every time you make a change to your payment settings, you need to email verify it. So, make sure you have access to your email which you are using for your Stripchat account, this is done to ensure that nobody but you can make changes!

How can I get information about my missing payment?

You can request information about your wire transfer or check via email or by contacting us directly from the website: Make sure you are already logged in on the website with your account.

How long does it take to reissue a check or a wire transfer?

Make sure your payment information is correct by double checking it before the payment is sent! In case your payment was sent, it could take up to 6 weeks to resend that payment!
Please add the following information to your request:

  • Beneficiary Name
  • Amount
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • For Wire: Last 4 numbers of IBAN or Account Number

How can I get paid?

After being approved as a Pro-Model, you will be able to set up your payment settings here Please double check that your payment information is correct!
You can receive payments via Paxum, Checks, and Wire Transfers. We recommend that you use Paxum as this is the fastest way to receive your payment.

How long does it take to get payment?

Paxum payments are delivered immediately, Wire transfers are usually received within 2-10 business days, and for Checks, it can take around 1 month, mostly depending on the postal services in your country.

How much can I earn as a cam model at

It all depends on your skills and talents. Successful models can earn over $10,000 per month. It is highly recommended that you do not broadcast on multiple sites. Doing this divides the model's attention and slows down the speed of the broadcast resulting in unhappy users.

How much money does one token cost?

1 token = 0,05$ for the model.

How often do you send payments?

  • Weekly payments for Firstpaychoice and Paxum.
  • Wire transfers and checks are paid each two weeks.
  • Payout day: Tuesday and we are paying for all the previous time until and including Sunday.

Please note that payouts are only made once the minimum payout limit has been reached.

I haven't received my wire transfer, please help me.

It usually takes from 3 days to 2 weeks to receive a wire transfer. If you have problems, please check the payment details and contact your bank. If it's been more than 2 weeks and you still haven't received the wire transfer, please let us know via the contact form, we'll trace it via our partner. We can resend the wire transfer only if it returns back to us, so please be very accurate when adding your payment details!

What's the minimum payment requirement?

Minimum payment requirements:

  • Paxum: $50
  • Payoneer: $50
  • Check: $100
  • Wire transfer: $500

Wire transfers are free for models.

Do you offer protection from chargebacks?

In the case of chargebacks, you are 100% protected, as we understand that this an unfortunate situation that cannot be prevented.

However, there are two cases when Stripchat reserves the right to deduct Tokens from your Earnings:

  • Fraudulent activity: When users with malicious intents are tipping considerable amounts to models or when models have been found to be in cooperation with fraudulent users. Models are expected to report any suspicious activity that goes on in their room to
  • User complaint regarding an unsatisfactory show

My Profile

Can I promote my paysite on Stripchat?

You are welcome to upload your photos with a link to your paysite. But you are not allowed to spam your link anywhere on Stripchat, including your own cam room.

Can I promote other companies or brands on Stripchat?

Promoting other companies is strictly prohibited, remember that we are a trademark company and do not own the rights to promote someone else without their legal (written) authorization.

Can I sell my content on Stripchat?

Yes, you can create paid photo albums and price them anywhere from 1 to 999 tokens. Your albums can have as many or little photos as you like and the number of paid albums is unlimited. Album sale earnings are instantly credited to the model’s account in the exact same way as other tokens earned on the site.

Am I allowed to promote my social media on Stripchat?

Feel free to promote yourself by using your social media, just make sure do not share any other personal contact or information (real name, phone number, e-mail address, etc).

How can I pimp my profile on Stripchat?

My Profile

To edit your profile; log in, go to the top right, click on your username, and select My Profile. Create a nice preview photo. The better photo you have - the more visitors you will attract. Models with a pimped out profile and multiple photos earn more revenue than other models on the site.

Why is important to have a photo gallery?

Having a nice photo gallery can help you promote yourself even when you are offline because you'll look extremely catchy to users that could be your potential Knights and Kings of the room. So it's a good idea to have an album accessible to everyone or just registered users. You can also give your friends on Stripchat access to a "Friends Only" albums for no tokens to show them how much you appreciate them. There are a few options you can play around with regarding the albums that are either for free or a way for you to create passive income. With the paid album feature, you can create special albums that you can sell regardless if you're online or offline.


I've signed up and uploaded documents, when will you approve my account?

All registrations are reviewed within 48 hours.

My document was rejected, what's wrong with it?

The most frequent reasons for rejection are:

  • Bad quality of photo (unable to read letters)
  • No birth date on ID
  • No face on ID
  • Digitally modified photos
  • Only parts of the documents visible

Please check our requirements and re-upload the documents.

Technical Questions

How can I start chatting?

Before you start, make sure that you have:

  • a fast internet connection, such as cable internet or DSL, with upload speed of at least 2 Mbps. Broadcasting will work with slower upload speeds, but the quality of your stream would be questionable.
  • close all unnecessary applications such as Skype, browsers, torrents, etc.

These two clauses are extremely important. You will earn less cash and your rating could be lowered due to a poor internet connection.

  • browser with Adobe Flash Player, cookies and javascript enabled (We recommend the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari)
  • a webcam with a built-in microphone or a stand alone microphone.
  • a clear understanding of the rules to broadcast as a model. Please read our Terms of Services: and Broadcasting Rules: before you start.
  • the desire to have fun and interact with hundreds of viewers!

What computer do I need to broadcast correctly in Stripchat?

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.9,
  • Processor: Quad-Core or above
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM or above
  • Internet connection: broadband connection with at least 2Mbps upload speed

What cameras are the recommended ones?

In order to broadcast with good camera feed, we recommend you to use

Any of these devices can help you to broadcast with HD quality.

What camera splitter is the most suitable to broadcast correctly?

There are a lot of splitters that can be used (but make sure you select the resolution what we use on our site), however, one stands out among all splitters: due to the high flexibility and options to broadcast.

How to clear the cache cookies of my browser?

To clear your browser's cache cookies, use this link:

It is very useful to avoid most browser or Flash based glitches, therefore it is strongly recommended to do it before starting to broadcast.

My webcam doesn’t work properly, what can I do?

There can be a number of reasons:

  1. Lagging:
    • Make sure you use cable and not WiFi, WiFi might not provide enough stability for streaming.
    • Your processor might be overloaded by running too many unnecessary programs or browser tabs. Close all programs and browser tabs that are not necessary for you to work.
    • Flash downloads and installs a lot of temporary files, which can slow down your browser. Every week, make sure you clear the cache cookies of your browser.
  2. Slow/blurry image: this is due to the camera settings, make sure you do not make drastic changes whenever you adjust the camera's settings.
  3. Pixelated image, wrong aspect ratio: this is due to the different resolution selected in the splitter compared to what you stream on the site. Always use the same resolution as what you have selected on Stripchat.
  4. Blank camfeed: If your visitors cannot see your camera image, then stop broadcasting, wait 2 minutes, refresh the page (by pressing F5 on the keyboard) and start broadcasting again.
  5. Black camfeed: No camera device is selected as a source in your splitter. Make sure that the splitter you use is exactly the same as the camera device you have selected before starting to broadcast.