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Welcome to Stripchat Wiki! You’re in the right place to find out what we’re all about and what you can look forward to. Stripchat is your personal pleasure (and mobile-friendly) site where you can watch all your fantasies in action. Get ready to create intimate relationships and enjoy erotic camming with models from all over the world. We’re all about giving you full benefits with an amazing range of categories to suit your kinky and sensual preferences.

Explore a fun and super easy way to chat and watch sexy models in minutes. We offer high-quality support to our clients and give our utmost attention in keeping you happy.

Basic Stripchat Tour

Main Page

So You're New...

Right from the get-go, see hundreds of amazing models performing LIVE from our homepage. Browse or filter with our tags to match your tastes. Like blondes? Hardcore? Couples? Piercings? Whatever your personal desires are, has ‘em.

Just click on any model to see what’s going on in their room. Make sure to create your FREE username so you can begin chatting and connecting with the models. Get ready to enjoy some real interaction with our models.

Create a Free User Account

User Registration

It’s super easy to become a User in our community. Click the button Create Free Account and then choose your username and enter an email address. You’ll receive a confirmation email instantly with a unique password. Next, please verify your email and Complete Registration - it takes 2 seconds. Also, feel free to change your password.

Now the fun begins! Once registered, you can start chatting with all the models in their rooms and follow your favorite ones.

Great Free Features to Try

Now that you’ve joined the Stripchat community, here are some cool things you can do as a Grey (Free) User:

  • Chat with thousands of models
  • Watch models in fullscreen
  • Save your favorite models
  • Make friends with other Users and Models
  • Award models for their beautiful and skillful shows

The fun doesn’t stop there. But you’ll need to go from grey to a green or gold user to access exciting features. Learn how below.

Having Fun With Models: What You Should Know

Model's chatroom

Before you start chatting and interacting with the models there are a few things you should know. Here are some guidelines to help you have a very pleasurable and fun experience while you’re engaging with the models.

Free users and guests appear with grey color on the chat.

We want you to have fun - that’s our goal. So just keep in mind the following:

  • Being rude won’t get you any favors. So, be polite to models and other users while chatting
  • No one likes cheap, so be generous. Models won’t give you attention if you don’t tip.
  • Some models list their sexy services in their Topic or Profile. Otherwise, ask in the chat or Private Message.
  • Take your naughty requests to a Private Show where models are willing to do some extra special performances for you.
  • For a truly unique experience, go Cam2Cam , where you and the model can see each other. No spies allowed.
  • Some models set up tipping goals that you’ll see in the Topic. If you help them hit it, you’ll score a sexy show.
  • Check a model’s Topic or Profile to learn about them, their talents, passions, and the sexy services they offer.
  • Show off and gain your model’s adoration by becoming King of the room for 12 hours by being the highest tipper. Users can see it with the command “/king.”
  • Be nominated as a Knight by a model and have the ability to block/ban grey users who are being rude or offensive.
  • Help your favorite models become the Winner of our monthly contest for cash giveaways with your generous tips.
  • Feel free to leave an offline tip and message to grab a model’s attention. This is a great way to get a message back ;-).
  • Gain the power of invisibility in any model’s room when you opt for our Gold Membership.
  • Send private messages with your tokens or become a Gold Member so you can send UNLIMITED messages.

Lastly...FREE Token Giveaways

  • Every hour we give 50 FREE tokens to 10 users with verified email accounts. So, Create a Free Account and verify your email to participate in the lottery. Look at top of every chat room to see a “Get 50 Free Tokens” tab where you can click to join. There are 10 winners every hour, but you must be in a chat to claim your prize. So stick around!

For Your Pure Pleasure, Please Stick To These...

We always want you to have a fantastic and stimulating time, but there are a few things we take seriously. So please respect the below rules when making your requests, and let the good times roll.

Read more about the Official User Rules:

For Some Real (Almost) Sex Fun, Try…

For a wild connection, get in the driver’s seat and ramp up the stimulation. Many of the models have sexy tech gadgets in their toy boxes which let you do more than just watch.

Models that hook up their tech-enhanced toys, like special vibrators, can be aroused when you send them tips. Get a model pleasured and turned on by you when you tip them! It’s definitely a fun and stimulating sensation to know you’re pleasuring her in the chatroom.

Learn More About Models

Model's Profile

When you’re in a model’s room, you should check out:

  • Model’s Profile - learn more personal details, read about their sexual interests, favorite toys, plus more.
  • Favorite - add them to your favorite’s list so you can always go back to their room.
  • Message - send a private message to the model when you create a free account and purchase tokens.
  • Buy Tokens - easily add tokens to your account to tip, spy or have private shows with models.
  • Notify When Online - you’ll be instantly notified when a model comes back online.
  • Photo Galleries - you'll be able to view albums (but some are for friends or registered users only) or purchase exclusive photos from models that you can't find anywhere else.

How to Command the Chatroom

When you’re in model’s room, try our easy commands to help find out things like information about the model, the highest tipper, how to send tips, plus more tricks to work your way in the chat.

Just type or click “/help” in the chatroom to see all the commands

It Gets Better..Awesome Paid Features

Becoming a Gold or Green member unlocks more perks and premium benefits that can make you stand out as a user. Now, you’ll be getting loads more stuff (literally). And more intimate attention from your loving models, just with some tokens or even subscribing.

The Benefits of Tipping

How to tip a Model

Who doesn’t like sincere appreciation or attention? That’s what you’re really showing when your tokens.Tipping the model is a way you can show your ‘thank you’ for everything they're doing for you. Be generous and models will show you their generosity in return.

You’ll meet some extremely talented models on Stripchat and they’re happy to please your naughty requests.

How to Tip?

Buy Tokens

When you’re in a model’s room, all you have to is click the Send Tip button. Then, just pick the gratuity you wish to tip the model, and they’ll be immediately notified. Simple as that.

Enjoy a Private Show!

Go ahead and have a private show with any model. Let them focus just on you and your personal kinky requests. Engage in one-to-one chat without interruptions. Their full blown attention is ONLY on you. Just be aware, that your private session is open to Spies, but don’t fret. No one can interrupt your show.

Spy on Private Shows..Shh!

If a model is already in a Private Show with a user, you can spy on the fun. You may check out what’s going on in the Private Show for a fixed price per minute rate. Because you’re just a ‘spy’, you will not be able to chat with the model, as she is entertaining the user who took her to Private.

Spice it up on Cam2Cam

Dare to show and tell? Cam2Cam is a very special private show, where Users have the option to turn on their webcam and microphone, so the model can see and hear you. It’s just you and the model - that’s it! Because of this highly confidential session, no other users are allowed to Spy.

Access Special Model Albums

Buy Photo Albums

You now can access some pretty sexy content uploaded by Stripchat models with your tokens or if models grant access to their friends and registered users. By becoming a registered user and tipping your favorite models, you could access private galleries that grey users don't get to see. Also, model album prices may vary depending on how each model prices their albums. You can download the photos and access them anytime!

Become a Green User

To become a Green User, all you need to do is purchase any of our Token Packages.

How to purchase? Just click on the Buy Tokens button, and select your preferred payment method.

From this point on, your account name will go from grey to green .

Green User features:

  • Send Tip: Send tokens to models for your special request or to help the model reach her set goal in the Model's Topic.
  • Invite to Friends: Send friend requests to models and grow your list of friends.
  • Private: Take a model to a Private Show, where only you can see and chat the model. The price per minute is set by the model, ranging from 16-90 tokens.
  • Cam2Cam: A special Private Chat, where you have the ability to turn on your own webcam, so the model can see you. The price per minute is set by the model, ranging from 16-90 Tokens.
  • Spy: If a model is already in a Private Show, you may Spy on that show, but you can’t chat. The price per minute is set by the model, ranging from 4-90 Tokens, so it all depends.
  • Be The King King.jpg : Earn your crown by being the biggest Tipper in the model's room for the last 12 hours.

Become a Gold User

To become a Gold User, all you need to do is to subscribe.

How to subscribe? Just click on the Buy Tokens button, and select Gold Membership.

From this point on, your account name will appear as gold .

Gold User features lets you:

  • Have unlimited Private Messages with models and users
  • Grab a model’s attention by sending tips during public shows
  • Start Private Shows and Cam2Cam Shows
  • Be invisible with Invisible Mode ( Conceal your username and appear as anonymous in the model’s list. If you decide to type in public chat, the messages will be shown to all users)
  • Become a Knight and protect your favorite model from abusive grey users in the chat
  • Use fun emojis in the chatroom

Stripchat FAQ

Stripchat FAQ